Support SAMI’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Mission Flight

Servant Air Ministries, Inc. (SAMI) planes are headed to Lumberton, Texas with food and emergency supplies to help the community that survived Hurricane Harvey. Lumberton is cutoff from Beaumont, where the bulk of relief supplies are being shipped. Currently, Lumberton is only getting emergency aid from a helicopter flying out of Beaumont. SAMI planes will be traveling to Mississippi which will become our mission base for transporting supplies directly into Lumberton’s general aviation airport.

We are requesting donations to support SAMI’s mission flight to deliver 290 lbs of food and supplies to the small community of Lumberton, Texas. Please support this mission by donating online at

Your gift will help us serve God and His people by providing nourishment and emergency supplies for Lumberton’s community. As the Florida chapter of Pilots for Christ International, SAMI provides air support for people in need, and to advance the gospel. Thank you!

SAMI fuels planes to bring supplies to Lumberton, Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

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