Sebring Aviation Expo

Sebring-Expo-skyscraper-10-13-14v1Our first airshow of the year is fast approaching and we need volunteers to man and or woman the booth.

We have been granted a space for our aircraft and setup at the Sebring US Sport Aviation Expo happening next week from Wednesday 1/14/15 thru Saturday 1/17/15!  This event is targeted towards light aviation enthusiasts, builders and pilots.  It will be a unique opportunity to speak to a unique crowd about what SAMI’s and PFC’s purpose is and how we can serve them.

Check out their website:

I don’t have any complementary tickets yet but their prices are reasonable at $16.00/day adults, $8.00 for children 11-17 yrs and free for kids under 10.  As of today, the plan is to fly the C-172 over at least Friday and Saturday.

Please consider supporting when you can for those days or earlier in the week.

The organizers of the airshow (Mr. and Mrs. Phillips) are excited about our attending and Mr. Phillips told me that “they will pray we can make it”- cool!

See you Saturday or let me know when you can support

Kyle Dixon 321. 289.2613

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