SAMI Newsletter May 2015

Servant Air Ministries Inc.

2015 Air Show Summary
SAMI participated in three air shows this year

  1. Sebring Light Aviation
  2. TICO Air Show
  3. Melbourne Air and Space Show

Attending members shared SAMI’s transportation ministry for Christ centered purposes, gave out Bibles, taught kids how to build paper airplanes, and enjoyed talking with many people who came to our booth. At the May meeting, Dick Blondin said, “We’ve received interesting results from attending air shows . . . lots of emails and letters from distant parts of Florida.”

Dick attended Sun n’ Fun to meet with other Christian transportation organizations such as, JARS, MFI, AGAPE Flights and South American Missions. SAMI will begin participating and supporting these groups Christian transportation efforts. While at the air show he met the board chair who said our booth will be welcomed next year! Members make plans to attend Sun n’ Fun (Florida’s largest air show), SAMI will have a booth in 2016 and we appreciate your help!

SAMI Air Show Ministry

SAMI Air Show Ministry

THANK YOU members for supporting our air show ministry. We are especially grateful for the participation of: Dick and Cecilia Blondin, Jason Davis, John Rivera, Scott Langston, Dan Vital, Rob McMillan, Kyle Dixon, Ken Reid, Daniel, Victoria and Ashley Mandracken.

Recent SAMI Flights
Easter Sunrise Flight:
Every Easter morning multiple churches invite their congregations and the public to sunrise services along the Atlantic Ocean Coast. SAMI’s tradition of flying overhead as dawn breaks is welcomed by pastors and worship leaders as they invite everyone to look up and read “JESUS LIVES” on our plane’s wings. Thank you Dick for sharing our message of hope with 16 church groups this year!

 2015 Easter Morning Services on Merritt Island

View from SAMI’s 172 of one 2015 Easter Morning Service along the Atlantic Ocean Coast

Our President Kyle Dixon would like SAMI to invite other Christian organizations to join us and fly in formation over the church groups 2016 Easter morning. Please pray about this endeavor to do formation flying and if you are interested in helping with the organization of this event email Marcella Mika our Easter Flight Organizer at .

National Day of Prayer Flight: May 7th Dick Blondin flew the 172 over all of Brevard County facilities and had special prayer for those who work for our local, state and national government organizations. Thank you to all who took time on this day to lift our nation and its people up in prayer to our Lord Jesus.

During our May meeting members and leadership openly discussed how SAMI can serve Brevard County’s VOAD during a disaster and what we need to do individually and as a group to be the hands of Christ during a disaster.

VOAD: Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)
VOAD is a national non-operational umbrella organization, which gives each of its members the privilege of independently- but cooperatively- providing and implementing its resources when responding to disasters. VOAD is committed to the philosophy that the time to train, prepare, and become acquainted with each other is best achieved prior to the time of actual disaster response.

The Brevard County VOAD meets on a regular basis to plan for and to educate the members about how they may service their community during and after a disaster. The organization seeks to prevent the duplication of effort by coordinating the availability of needed services in disasters such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods and hazardous materials spills. Examples of their resources are: food or clothing distribution, search and rescue, temporary housing, childcare, talent bank and stress disorder counseling. Brevard VOAD is the sponsor of the BREVARD COUNTY DISASTER SHOWCASE held annually at the Melbourne Auditorium in May.

SAMI Hanger

SAMI Hanger

Our leaders request each SAMI member: prays, discusses and makes the following plans before assisting SAMI’s efforts to help the community during a disaster.

  1. SAMI member and family must have a plan and decide together if they will – stay or flee
  2. After disaster SAMI member access if family is safe – shelter is stable
  3. If member is out helping SAMI attend to Brevard community needs, does the member’s family have the ability to use Emergency/Hurricane Kit and stay safe during a set number of days?

SAMI needs to answer the following questions, create and put into practice a specific plan. NOTE: Brevard County doesn’t have a plan for our Merritt Island Airport if a hurricane or disaster strikes.

  1. Team to prepare hangar and planes before storm
  2. Team to clean up field and hangar after storm
  3. How many knots can our hangar withstand?
  4. Do our planes stay in the hangar or fly out before storm?
  5. Who will fly planes if SAMI must flee before storm?
  6. Who can fly which plane during a storm?
  7. Who can fly plane for county operations after storm?
  8. Can our hangar facility be used as a shelter to support people in sleeping bags? How many can we safely host?
  9. Can SAMI’s hangar be a command center if VOAD’s main center at the Solar Energy Center, BCC Cocoa Campus, 1679 Clearlake Road is damaged?
  10. Should SAMI fundraise to purchase a generator?
  11. Should SAMI fundraise to purchase water purification kits?
  12. Should each SAMI member have a water purification kit to minister to neighbors after a disaster?
  13. Will SAMI members help CAP (Civil Air Patrol) facilitate the clean- up of all 10 airports in Brevard County?
  14. Does SAMI have each member’s correct contact information?
  15. Text messages usually work during a disaster – do you have text?
  16. SAMI wants to create a call chain to confirm each member is safe before and after a hurricane/disaster. Do you want to be part of the SAMI call chain?
  17. Do you want to help SAMI assist VOAD before, during, after a hurricane/disaster?

If you would like to be a part of SAMI’s call chain please send all of your contact information (full name, address, phone numbers (land, cell, text), email address to
If you have answers to the questions above or ideas please share them at our June 13th meeting or email them to Victoria and she will pass them onto our VOAD Team.  THANK YOU & REMEMBER, FAMILY FIRST PER OUR LORD’S EXAMPLE.

Below are links to help you learn more about VOAD and to help you start making a specific hurricane/disaster plan for yourself and your family

KUDOS Corner

Teens Prep SAMI for next event:
Rich Gieger’s sons attended our April SAMI meeting and kindly helped SAMI make preparations for the next event by folding all paper airplanes, washing the plane and reviewing vacation Bible school materials. Thank you!

Bud maintains SAMI planes: our ministry would not be possible without the dedication of Bud and those who join him in performing routine and vital maintenance of SAMI’s 172 and Aztec. Thank you Bud! Are you interested in learning about airplane maintenance or helping? Please email to get involved!

Praise: monthly Saturday morning meetings are blessed with the musical talents of Jeff. Thank you for helping us Praise our Lord in song and thank you for bringing your friends who kindly share their gift of music!

BBQ: Thank you Scott Langston for being our grill chef at the May meeting!

Special Guests: Thank you Jon Miller for taking the time to inform Grove Church Pastor Rob Russel about our ministry! We enjoyed having him and his family attend our May meeting.

importantFriendly Reminders
Next SAMI meeting
June 13 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm: SAMI Hanger, 471 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952 United States. Please bring a dish to share at our BBQ. Thank you! J

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