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Our Mission

Servant Air Ministries Incorporated (SAMI) is a non-profit Christian ministry serving the Lord and His people by providing air transportation in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America. As the Florida chapter of Pilots for Christ International, SAMI partners with Angel Flight, Mercy Flights, pastors and churches to provide air support for people in need, and to advance the gospel. SAMI is inter-denominational, and is open to all who call Jesus their Lord and savior who want to share the gift of salvation with others through the great commission.

2015 Air Show Opportunities to Serve:

EAA Airventure OSH KOSH July 20 – 26: Members are invited to help at the largest Air Show in the USA this summer by serving at the Pilots for Christ International tent. To learn more about this air show go to To schedule your volunteer time please contact Lori and Tim at Pilots for Christ International by phone (616) 884-6241 (Office) or email

Thank you!

Stuart Air Show October 30th – November 1st: Members are invited to pray about how we can serve at the next upcoming air show in Stuart, Florida. Learn more about this air show at

If you are interested in helping SAMI have a booth or you have ideas on how we can serve people at this air show please contact Victoria at

Thank you!

SAMI Flights:

Welcome Our New SAMI CFI

Bob Lehton & Scott Saunders Bob Lehton & Scott Saunders

June 20th SAMI’s founder Bob Lehton confirmed our member Scott Saunders is now the newest flight instructor for SAMI. Scott is a CFI and CFII (Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Instruments) who is also working on his MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) license at Space Coast Aviation.

Scott is pleased to give flight instruction to SAMI members at no charge and non-members for $35/hour. You can email Scott at

If you are interested in becoming a missionary pilot for SAMI or taking flying lessons you can find SAMI flight instructors at

Our Airport’s Improvements: The Merritt Island field has been remarked and the threshold moved 1200 feet to do repair work on the field. Work will continue for 9 months so if someone lands long the field will be extended 400 feet to hopefully prevent planes from going into the river.

Aztec Update: Work on the Aztec is coming along fine and it will be ready to fly within a couple of weeks. SAMI will wait until July 1st to begin the 13 month log. Aztec annual was completed and we can use this pane to fly missions but if SAMI receives a good offer we will sell it to purchase a more economical mission plane.
Formation Easter Flight 2016
 Easter Morning Services on Merritt Island Easter Morning Services on Merritt Island

Marcella Mika is SAMI’s coordinator for our Easter Sunrise formation flight in 2016. Formation flying requires skill, coordination and practice. Do you know pilots or flying organizations who may want to join us? Please have them contact Marcella at or call 321-265-2694. Thank you!

Bahama Mission Flights: Ryan Roberts and John Rivera are doing the ground work of researching churches in the Bahamas for mission work. Ryan is doing cold calls to see if people need help from SAMI and what their specific needs are: housing, bibles, disaster relief, aide, water purification, etc. Scott Langston has asked all SAMI members to please keep in prayer our desire to do mission work in the Bahamas so we’ll know where God wants us to go and what we should bring – medical supplies, shoes, etc, and how we should serve. The Bahama Mission Committee is requesting members pray and share.

Plane Donation: SAMI is interested in communicating with businesses and people who would like to donate their plane to our ministry. If you meet an interested party please have them contact Dick Blondin at

Kudos Corner & Committee Opportunities:

SAMI VOAD Committee: Thank you Dick Blondin for attending monthly VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) meetings and everyone who has for signed up to help if there is a natural disaster. Are you interested in attending a monthly VOAD meeting and doing research to answer all of the questions SAMI must address listed in our May 2015 Newsletter? If yes please contact Dick Blondin at or call 321-544-1317.

Garmin Sponsorship: Thank you Jonathan Miller for doing the ground work to gain a list of document -SAMI needs to show Garmin to receive non-profit status and help updating our planes’ equipment!

Flight Video: Thank you Ken Reid for creating and sharing a great flight video from our June Meeting! Please like SAMI’s Facebook page, to view and share this video.

Jim Sineath June Meeting Worship Message: Thank you Scott Langston for inviting Jim Sineath to share God’s word with our group. Below are highlights from the message.

Speed Trip on Faith – Hebrews 11:1-7

  • True faith points to God and away from us/self
  • Faith is fundamental to believe His promises are valid and will be done
  • Prayer is the most profound act of faith
  • Hebrews 5:10 Trust in God and Jesus . . . what He has done, is doing and will do
  • Ask for and receive from Jesus persevering faith that keeps one from becoming embittered

Thank you Jim Sineath for sharing your gift of sharing God’s Word with SAMI!

Friendly Reminders:

Next SAMI meeting July 11 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm: SAMI Hanger, 471 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952 United States. Please bring a dish to share at our BBQ. Thank you!

SAMI Membership: SAMI exists to serve others so they can better know Jesus Christ, or discover Him for the first time. If you want to jump in and serve GOD, learn to fly, and be a part of the mission, you need to be a member of SAMI. Subscribe for a Membership and enjoy all of the benefits. To join or renew click this link

Share SAMI: members are encouraged to share our ministry with their local church family and pastors.

SAMI Information: Visit our website and Facebook page

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