SAMI Meeting Saturday, October 13th

This Saturday, October 13 come to 

1) Worship our LORD,

2) hear news from Pilots for Christ Convention last month,

3) Mission Plane Updates,

4) Who will be our CFI?

5) How to LIVE the Gospel at Air Shows

6) Volunteer for Young Eagles Event this October 27 at Merritt Island Airport

7) and more

  • 9 am Meeting starts with Worship in Hanger Chapel
  • 11 am BBQ Potluck and Fellowship
  • Please bring funds or a dish to share at the BBQ Potluck so our guests and those who fly in are refreshed before heading back home.
    Your can donate you “lunch money” ahead of time 🙂

Please note: SAMI board and staff members are not paid for the time and talent they give to this ministry. We are thankful to all who are like minded that want to join us in spreading the Gospel.

If you are having difficulties with the current state of affairs in your life, your community, your nation, your church etc., please read all of Mark 5.

Mark 5:34 Jesus overheard what they were talking about and said to the leader, “Don’t listen to them; just trust me.”

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