SAMI Hanger Gets Cleared for Takeoff

SAMI Proposed Hanger gets Cleared for Takeoff
Merritt Island Airport, Florida, USA

SAMI Hanger Project

20 year Land Lease signed Jan 1, 2008!
Architectural Drawings began Jan 10th, 2008
Board of Directors has already donated 20% of the total cost
Pray for donations for the remaining $62,000 required to build the hanger
Pray for God’s blessing and provision on the project

SAMI officially signed a 20 year ground lease at the Merritt Island Airport on January 1st, 2008. This lease includes two 5 year optional extensions at the end of the 20 years. The Piper Aztec has already been moved and tied-down on the newly acquired land.

Art Burger is helping with drawings, zoning, and is making sure the timeline to build the hanger continues on target. Art has extensive experience with building projects, and is a blessing to Servant Air during this exciting time in the ministry. Roger Shover is aiding as the contractor for the project. Architectural drawings were started by DROOR and Associates on January 10th, 2008. Site Surveying began January 21, 2008.

Where do we go from here?

TICO airport authority needs to approve the architectural drawings. Once that happens, SAMI can go to county agencies for zoning and permitting, followed by commencement of construction.

To date, $28,000 in donations has already been collected.
The total cost of this project is currently estimated at $100,000.

.:Q:.  How can I help?

1. Hanger Donation Requests

“God is working out all things for HIS glory. We are trusting in faith that we will not have to touch existing SAMI funds that could be used for ministry flights,” said Bob Lehton, president of SAMI.

Donate now using your Paypal account or credit card number.




2. PRAY!

  1. Favor with the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) and relocation of their offices
  2. Pray for finances to come through. The Servant Air Ministries board of directors has already contributed 20% of the total cost of the hanger, showing their support and approval for this important project. Another 8% has been contributed from other partners. Consider becoming a part of this incredible ministry in a tangible way.
    Donate Today!
  3. The biggest prayer request is that during the site planning, (draining, electric, fire, etc. permits) God will bless the hearings to completed smoothly. This is a critical step to complete the hanger without further delays.

3. Work Parties

Once the construction on the hanger is underway, work parties and cookouts will be organized to build God’s hanger with sweat equity. Stay tuned to find out how you can help!



Servant Air Ministries is blessed with an incredible opportunity to realize a decade long dream. Since the inception of Servant Air Ministries in 1993, The Board of Directors has had a vision of having a permanent presence on the Merritt Island airport. The dream of having a hanger for the SAMI aircraft, a maintenance shop, and an airport chapel is quickly becoming a reality.

Dick Todd, Vice President of SAMI, has been diligently striving to secure a lease on a plot of land next to the beacon of the Merritt Island airport. Ironically, SAMI has been used by God as a beacon of hope for many people over the last 14 Years, and will continue to be salt and light in the years to come.

The motion to build a hanger has been approved by the airport authority, with revisions to be made on the ‘ground’ lease conditions required for final approval from the TICO airport authority. The final revision will be presented to the airport director in the third week of September. Dick Todd doesn’t see any issues that would hold up moving the building project forward. However, zoning, blueprints, and permits still need to be completed. Completing these requirements a few months before starting construction is a reasonable goal.

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