Praying for Our Community

National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 2nd!

Thank you for praying for our Florida Community’s individuals, families, organizations, businesses and all who are serving in our local, state and federal governmental agencies. SAMI invites all members and supporters to participate in the Bless Prayer below at home, work, school, alone or with others.

B ody – health, protection strength

L abor – work, income, financial security

E motional – joy, peace, hope, no anxiety

S ocial – love, friends, family, marriage

S piritual – salvation, faith, grace


  • Learn more about National Day of Prayer History and more.
  • Young Eagles Day at Merritt Island Airport was a HUGE success! Our 172 did great flying 17 youth for the EAA event that served 119 youth.
  • Today our Aztec is serving missionaries on Ragged Island, Bahamas
  • Air Traffic Controller “Mr. Happy” will be speaking at our May 11th Meeting – we hope you can join us!
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