November 2015 SAMI Newsletter

Thank You for Serving:

Young Eagles October 24th
Children between the ages of 8 and 17 enjoyed free flights at the Merritt Island Airport. Dick Blondin flew 18 kids in SAMI’s 172 and for 11 it was their first flight! A total of 14 pilots flew 133 kids and for 78 it was their first flight. Special “Thank You!” to Dick for flying, Ken Reid for helping with registration and John Rivera for helping kids fill out log books.

Stuart Air Show October 31st and November 1st
SAMI brought smiles to the parents and children who visited our booth by giving youngsters the opportunity to sit in the 172, try on the headsets and hold the yoke. Parents loved this photo opportunity. People who dropped by SAMI’s booth learned about our ministry and had the opportunity to receive the books of John and Romans plus sign up for our newsletter. We welcome everyone who signed up to receive our newsletter at the Stuart Air Show.

Thanks to all of SAMI’s flight instructors (Jason Davis, John Rivera, Scott Saunders) who attended the show answering people’s questions about training. Thank you Dick Blondin, and the Mandracken family for setting and taking down SAMI’s booth each day of the show and Jonathan Miller for helping with the final take down.

SAMI Flights:

  • The Aztec is doing great! Radios were repaired, air shield was resealed and all navigation equipment works perfectly.
  • Special “Thank you!” to Mike Brady who donated the oil cooler, starter and labor for the 172 to be flying. The 172 also has new tires.
  • Is it time for your flight review? SAMI’s instructor Jason Davis will provide free reviews for members! Please email him to schedule your free flight review.
  • Please continue to pray that God will give us direction on how he wants us to use these planes.
Mission Opportunity:

January 30th to February 7th, 2016 Pilots for Christ will be building a hanger in Guatemala. Those who want to go must purchase their own transportation. Please contact Scott Saunders if you are interested in the possibility of making the trip in SAMI’s Aztec. Email Scott at

Friendly Reminders:

Next SAMI meeting December 12th @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am followed by Christmas Potluck and fellowship. Please bring a dish to share at our potluck. Thank you!
Dish suggestions to go with turkey that SAMI will provide: rolls, casseroles, vegetables, pasta, salads, and desserts.
SAMI Hanger, 471 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952 United States.

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