March 2017 SAMI Newsletter

Upcoming Events! Melbourne Air & Space Show Visit SAMI’s booth at the Melbourne Air & Space Show April 1 -2, 2017 Melbourne International Airport Next SAMI Meeting April 8, 2017 We will have a special guest speaker from WEGO Ministries! Come to the meeting in the chapel from 9:00 am to 10:30 am to learn about their vision […]

Mission Flight March 24, 2017

Scott Saunders and Dave Ballard flew Richard Chase home to Fort Lauderdale after undergoing a proton cancer treatment in Jacksonville, Florida. Special thank you to Steve Miller for helping with the launch of the Aztec for this mission flight and last minute speed tape repair. Please keep Richard and his wife Tina in your prayers to […]

February 2017 SAMI Newsletter

February Highlights Congratulations Sean Holloway!             On February 24th Sean Holloway completed his first solo flight! Flight instructor Scott Saunders was very pleased to shake his student’s hand. Are you interested in learning how to become a mission pilot for SAMI? Click contact to connect with SAMI’s flight instructors. TICO […]

January 2017 SAMI Newsletter

January 2017 SAMI Newsletter

January Highlights Mercy Flight January 10th Scott Saunders took Lachelle home to Panama City Beach just one day after cancer surgery. Please pray for Lachelle’s quick and complete recovery so she can return to her career as a chef and continue to work on getting her private pilot’s license. Thank you.   Zimmer Family Attends […]

Mercy Flight January 10, 2017

Scott Saunders took Lachelle home to Panama City Beach just one day after cancer surgery. Please pray for Lachelle’s quick and complete recovery so she can return to her career as a chef and continue to work on getting her private pilot’s license. Thank you.              

December 2016 SAMI Newsletter

SAMI 2016 Highlights 2 planes to serve our mission Aztec and 172 Cessna 271 mission flights Every mission flight begins with prayer before the engines are turned on. Our mission flights included: Angel Flights flying patients; Annual Prayer Flight over the local community; Pilots for Christ Pony Express Flights flying patients and their families; flights to the […]

November 2016 SAMI Newsletter

Brevard County Sheriff Aviation Unit Presentation November 2016: During SAMI’s November meeting, we had the honor of meeting Tactical Flight Officer Bernie Bemardo from the Melbourne Police Department and Officer Scott Harris, Brevard Sheriff Deputy and Pilot. This STAR (Sheriff Tactical Air Response) Crew shared their aviation unit is made up of 5 pilots, 4 tactical flight officers known […]

SAMI Helps Grand Bahamas Children’s Home 1

October 2016 SAMI Newsletter

SAMI Flights: Thank you to everyone who supports Servant Air Ministries with their funds, time and talents – we had four mission flights in October! Click on each flight below to read all the details and see photos. October 12th Medical Mission Flight 1st Mission Flight to Grand Bahamas Children’s Home 2nd Mission Flight to Grand […]

Pony Express Mission Flight Oct. 23, 2016

International Pilots for Christ chapters work together to transport people across the country. SAMI participated in a Pony Express Mission Flight on October 23rd taking the Zimmer family from Merritt Island, Florida to Sumner Regional Airport in Tennessee. Scott and Kevin flew Dan, Kristy and their ten-year-old daughter Bryce with personal items for two months. […]