Hurricane Dorian Relief

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Join us in our 2 step plan to provide for their needs and spread the gospel.

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Our 2 Step Plan

Many Bahamas communities and churches have been devastated by Hurricane Dorian. There are a multitude of government agencies and organizations helping the main islands, but the outlying islands are in desperate need of aide. Their situation is literally life-threatening. 

With a targeted approach, we have a simple 2 step plan to provide for the immediate needs and long term rebuilding.

Step 1 – Life Giving Aid

Servant Air has extensive relationships with families on Walkers and Grand Cay located north of Grand Bahama island. Cordelle Rolle, a native of Grand Cay who now lives in Merritt Island, FL, has a 46 foot boat. He has authorization from the Bahamian government to bring over relief aide without any taxes, and is making daily trips to Grand Cay. Servant Air is supplying Cordelle with supplies, finances and prayers. He knows the people locally and knows exactly what they need. The first delivery of 10 pallets of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) was made Saturday, September 7th. Further Aid was sent in late September and mid October.

Step 2 – Rebuilding Lives

Once Servant Air obtains the necessary permits and authorizations to fly into the Bahamas for the relief effort, we will focus on Grand Cay. There is a runway on Walkers Cay, a 6 mile boat ride away. With the Lord’s direction, Servant Air will provide building supplies, bibles, and manpower to restore what the storm took away. May God get all the glory.

How can you help?

With Step 1 complete, we are no longer in need of immediate supply donations. Now we are focused on rebuilding lives through the power of Jesus Christ in Step 2.


The biggest need is finances for fuel and purchasing building supplies that are needed most. Thank you for your generous support.

Give Today


Donate building supplies and items. Lumber, nails, tools, paint. Anything that can help build a home will also restore life to the ravaged island of Grand Cay.

Contact Dick Blondin at 321-544-1317 to coordinate the supply drop off.

Supplies Drop Off:

Servant Air Hanger
471 Manor Dr.
Merritt Island, FL 32952



In the name of Jesus Christ, please pray for the people who have been displaced and for GOD to provide supplies and missionaries to rebuild.

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Thank you for your generous support helping our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas during this natural disaster. We can only accomplish this with GOD’s help. This is a true emergency, and evangelistic opportunity. Check out our Hurricane Dorian Page for regular updates.