Aircraft Write-Up Corrective Action
1. N5141R

Center landing light would not light.

12/25/2021 02:30Z

New connector was added to wire and reconnected to landing light. Light now works fine.

Sam Parsons

2. N5141R

12/16/2021 Engine Tachometer stopped working upon landing at KGNV.

12/18/2021 15:56Z

UAC Mechanic inspected tach cable, confirmed by rotation test that cable was intact, re-seated the engine end of the cable and tightened both ends. Engine run up confirmed Engine Tachometer was now working properly and mechanic logged his repair appropriately.

See Log entry

3. N9397C

Elevator trim stuck. Electric and mechanical.

12/17/2021 18:29Z

Repaired trim cable that came off barrel out of rear of plane. Reinstalled and rigged, checked cable.

Jerry Spurlock

4. N5141R

Transmissions “unreadable” or unanswered on primary and Secondary pilot and copilot.

12/11/2021 21:13Z

This is a pilot error due to plugging in the pilot headset as copilot and vice versa. This causes the pilot’s microphone to be dead on push to talk (the copilot’s Mike is live instead). The fix is always to plug in the pilot in the left most jacks and the copilot in the right most jacks.

Sam Parsons

5. N5141R

Left Main Tire went flat on the Taxiway post flight. A Severe Leak seams to come from the valve stem location

12/08/2021 18:22Z

Replaced pilot side tire and tube. Flight test by Parsons and Sunman validated the repair.

Rob Sunman

6. N5141R

12/1/21 Item #1G5 AI Battery gives Battery Fault Message but G5 operates normally as long as Master Switch is on.
Item #2 Nav Data shows as Expired in November but, prior to startup, the Data Card was replaced by one that was fully up to date.

12/01/2021 16:06Z

12/4/21 G5 Rob has the new Rev 3 Battery. Nav Database is up to date.
12/17/21 Rob replaced the battery with new Garmin replacement rev 3 and battery fault is now clear.

Sam Parsons

7. N5141R

G5 AI shows a Battery Failure. Nav Database is expired.

11/29/2021 16:49Z

Nav Database was updated
12/17/21 G5 Battery replaced with new Garmin Rev 3 Battery by Rob and it was logged. Battery Fault was cleared.

Sam Parsons

8. N5141R
Airworthy, but needs repair

Fuel leaking from Carburetor around gasket area. It is a small drip.

11/08/2021 13:58Z

Inspected gasket, not leaking anymore. Run up engine test, no leaks detected. Airbox uptake to carborator will need to be repaired for cracks.

Rob Sunman

9. N9397C

Nonskid on right wing coming unstuck at front.

10/27/2021 00:54Z

Contact adhesive was applied by Roger. Aircraft was returned to service.

Robert Sunman