Meet Pastor Barnabas from India SAMI meeting: 9-8-18

This Saturday, September 8th our special guest to share God’s Word will be Pastor M. Barnabas. 

He has evangelized all over South India and South Asia, but his main concentration has been in Chennai and also in the Coimbatore District of western Tamil Nadu.  Both Barnabas and John Vincent were the first two preachers with South India Christian Mission and today they remain heavily involved with training preachers and planting churches. Check out to learn more before meeting him at SAMI. Enjoy years of ministry highlights in photo brochure.*

*Pilots For Christ International – “international” is within our name since members are sharing the Gospel around the world and some members live abroad.


All are welcome to attend the Florida Chapter of Pilots for Christ Meeting this Saturday, September 8 at 9 am in SAMI’s chapel.

  • Worship our LORD through music under the leadership of Gary White or a special guest 🙂
  • Prayer
  • Ministry Updates including: mission flights, missionary pilot training, fleet news, air show opportunities
  • Family friendly fellowship during our bbq potluck
  • Kindly bring a dish to share or funds for the meal donation box
  • Thank you for giving so first time guests and those who are coming a great distance can be refreshed with a good meal before returning home

For directions visit

To give funds online visit 

Reminder Sept 21-23 is Pilots for Christ International convention visit PFC site for the most current info on
coming up to Honeysuckle Inn, Branson, MO 2018

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