Looking Back with Gratitude – Looking Forward with Hope

Looking Back with Gratitude – 2017 Servant Air Ministries

Scott, Richard and Dave on Medical Mission Flight

As you read highlights from last year, please pause to thank Our Lord for his leading and protection – Hurricane Irma damaged a lot of property but our hanger, chapel and planes at Merritt Island Airport were spared.

Mission Flights

  • 3 Medical Mission Flights
  • National Day of Prayer Flight over Brevard County
  • SAMI 20th Easter Sunrise Flight – 3 aircraft flew in V formation sharing “Jesus Lives” over Brevard county beach services
  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Mission Flights to Lumberton, Texas
  • Young Eagle Flights – children share with parents we pray before flying and returning parents with new youngsters request our plane
  • To enhance mission flight capabilities and flight training, SAMI purchases Beechcraft Sierra C24R
  • Thank you Scott Saunders for serving as Mission Coordinator and our members who flew missions
  • Thank you members for your prayers and donations for mission flights

Flight Instruction

Dick Blondin (right) receives American Flag for SAMI from Hannah Clark (left) *Hannah’s proud Dad Tom is next to her

  • Sean Holloway Solos
  • Mike Biondi Solos
  • Monthly SAMI Safety Presentations for Members
  • Hannah Clark former SAMI student now flies the boom to fuel planes for the Air Force
    She gifts SAMI’s  chapel with American Flag flown during Operation Inherent Resolve with a certificate signed by her entire team!
  • Thank you Scott Saunders and Jason Davies for teaching many students
  • Thank you members for your prayers and encouragement

Maintenance Ministries

  • 172 Annual
  • Hanger Door Painted by Steve Miller
  • Thank you Sean Holloway for leading our volunteer crew and we are so thrilled you were named Everyday Hero by News 13!
  • Thank you volunteers for tons of TLC given to our Aztec, Cessna and Sierra planes

    SAMI’s 20th Easter Flight Crew

  • Thank you members for your prayers, hands-on help and donations

Sharing the Gospel

  • SAMI members share the Gospel at 4 Air Shows in Florida giving Bibles, Gospel of John & Romans booklets, plus juice & paper planes for children
  • SAMI attends Fiesta Brevard sharing the Gospel and our ministry with local community
  • SAMI hosts 40 children/teens of missionaries during Calvary Chapel’s Missionary Event giving them aviation seminars and flights
  • Thank you Kyle Dixon and Dick Blondin for leading in this area and all our volunteers
  • Thank you members for your prayers and volunteering at SAMI aviation and community events


  • SAMI’s Monthly Meetings Fed 500 People Spiritually and Physically

    Maria, Gloria, Jay and Pastor Gary at a meeting

  • Some SAMI Board members attended Pilots for Christ International Convention to share what we as the Florida Chapter have accomplished
  • Thank you Scott Langston for speaking and finding excellent speakers plus musicians to share the Gospel
  • Thank you Paige and Brice Holloway for sharing your gifts of hospitality and grilling
  • Thank you Gary White for sharing your testimony and monthly sharing your gift of music
  • Thank you members  for your fellowship, potluck dishes and donations 

Looking Forward with Hope – 2018 Join Us and Step Out in Faith

We are entering the second month of 2018, and SAMI members/volunteers have shared the Gospel at the Sebring Air Expo, flown many children at the Young Eagles event and our January Meeting was streamed Live on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to view the video and hear Missionary Ciaran Stirling’s message on our Facebook page.

Please take time to prayerfully consider how you will support SAMI financially and share your spiritual gifts.

We request help from people with these gifts:

Gift of Helps

  • Cut Grass around hanger once a month in winter and twice a month in summer

    Steve Miller Painting SAMI Hanger Door

  • Monthly clean restroom and chapel before Meeting on 2nd Saturday of the month
  • Airplane maintenance

Gift of Administration

  • Write Grants
  • Planning

Gift of Hospitality

  • Looking for BBQ cooks to help at monthly meeting
  • Monthly share potluck items at meeting
  • Provide paper products and condiments for monthly BBQ potluck

    Kyle Dixon sharing at Melbourne Show

Gift of Sharing

  • Air Show Volunteers
  • Event Volunteers
  • Share SAMI ministry with church and business leaders

Gift of Giving

  • Monthly Donations to fly Medical Mercy Missions
  • Monthly Donations to Maintain 3 Planes
  • Monthly Donations for BBQ and Plane Rides of Guests

Please email victoria@servantairministries.org us if you are interested in helping!
Thank you!!

God bless you and your loved ones in 2018.






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