July 2015 SAMI Newsletter

2015 Air Show Opportunities to Serve:

During our July 11th meeting leadership and members discussed the current opportunities, responsibilities and blessings that come from sharing our SAMI ministry at local air shows. Our President Kyle Dixon stated MILAVIA offers the most comprehensive list of air shows posting a 2015-17 calendar! “Attending air shows is a method we use to reach people and share the gospel. We attend as many shows locally as possible,” said Kyle. No prior experience is required to volunteer for an air show. No one needs to worry about what to say to those who visit our booth because each volunteer receives talking points created by Dick Blondin and no one is left to man the booth alone. The talking points sheet has our group’s history and what we are trying to accomplish. At the booth volunteers have the opportunity to pray with people and give Bibles. Since 50% of our membership come from people meeting SAMI members at an air show we need others to help us.

Do you enjoy talking to people about what Christ has personally done for you? Do you like talking about aviation? Do you like listening to people share their aviation and spiritual experiences? If you answered yes to one of these three questions please please contact Victoria at victoria@servantairministries.org to serve at SAMI’s booth for the upcoming air shows:

Stuart Air Show October 30th – November 1st

Valkaria AirFest Novemeber  7th – 8th

Thank you!

SAMI Flights:

God is giving us answers of how we can use the Aztec! Special thank yous to Bud and Steve who have given this plane lots of TLC. Doors are opening as Scott Langston and Ryan Roberts investigate different opportunities. It is exciting to note this plane would be able to help us take the Gospel to Cuba! Please continue to pray about how God wants us to use this plane.

Kudos Corner & Prayer Opportunities:

Garmin Sponsorship: Jonathan Miller has done a lot of work to show Garmin our non-profit’s need to update our planes’ equipment and how helping us will be a positive experience for Garmin. At the end of this month with Dick’s help, he will upload the packet of SAMI information including our application.

Please join us in praying SAMI’s application will go to the right people, someone’s life is touched while our application is being reviewed, and Garmin will be blessed. We are requesting equipment in faith – knowing He will arrange things and make things possible that we haven’t even imagined.

Friendly Reminders:

Next SAMI meeting August 8 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm: SAMI Hanger, 471 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952 United States. Please bring a dish to share at our BBQ. Thank you!

SAMI Membership: SAMI exists to serve others so they can better know Jesus Christ, or discover Him for the first time. If you want to jump in and serve GOD, learn to fly, and be a part of the mission, you need to be a member of SAMI. Subscribe for a Membership and enjoy all of the benefits. To join or renew click this link https://www.servantairministries.org/involved/become-a-member/

Share SAMI: members are encouraged to share our ministry with their local church family and pastors.

SAMI Information: Visit our website www.servantairministries.org and Facebook page www.facebook.com/servantairministries

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