Hanger Groundbreaking, Construction and Wind Damage

Update – Hanger Construction wind damage

Just as the construction was nearing completion for the new Servant Air Ministries Hanger, the wind decided to be overzealous in its celebration, and caused some damage. The front side aluminum paneling was folded like an accordion before it could be secured to the underlying structure. While this may be a minor setback, SAMI is still looking forward to the near future when it will be able to take its aircraft inside, so they too don’t experience any wind damage.

Update – Hanger Construction has begun!

The new Servant Air Ministries Hanger construction is now underway. The foundation has been poured, and the truss structure is already built. In the coming weeks, SAMI is looking forward to the roof, hanger door and walls being completed. Completion for the project is still on track for the end of September. Praise GOD for continually providing exactly what’s been needed at just the right time.

The Merritt Island airport rotating beacon. There is no coincidence that SAMI’s new hanger is placed right beside the beacon, so SAMI can point others to Jesus Christ who is the beacon of hope in our lives and for our world.

Update – Construction is about to begin!

The airport authority and county regulators have approved all permits for the construction of the new Servant Air Ministries Hanger. Over a decade of praying and years of hard work and dedication are coming to fruition. The hanger is finally on the eve of being constructed. All of the building materials have already been delivered to the site, and the land has been leveled to ready pouring of the concrete slab. The foundation should be poured within a couple of weeks, with the long awaited hanger on track to be complete within 2 months, possibly sooner. Jesus Christ, who is the real foundation of this project, and will continue to be the foundation of Servant Air Ministries Inc., has made our hearts glad to see how He has provided the people, the location, the funds and his grace to realize this project. SAMI is looking forward to soon having a presence on the field in Merritt Island Airport.

Update – Groundbreaking on the New HangerHanger_Groundbreaking [06.27.2009]

With the Servant Air Ministries Board of Directors in attendance, the official ground breaking ceremony for the new hanger was conducted on June 27th, 2009. Construction of the new hanger is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2009. 

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