Open Write-Ups

Aircraft Write-Up
1. N5141R

Oil Temperature gauge did not operate entire flight. Suggest immediate diagnostic. FAR 91.205.7) declares the aircraft unairworthy. So N5141R is Grounded until the Oil Temp Gauge has been repaired.

01/14/2022 01:12Z

2. N9397C
Airworthy, but needs repair

Attitude indicator sometimes wanders, usually 5, 8 degrees bank. Corrects itself. Per FAR Part 91.205, instrument needs to be repaired for IFR flights.

11/05/2021 16:35Z

3. N6291Y

Aircraft is down for Post Annual Inspection Maintenance – Major Issues: Left Propeller not in logbook, Left Engine beyond yearly TBO, Right Engine beyond hourly and yearly TBO, Right Engine Turbo Inop, Hydraulic Leaks in Hydraulic Pack, ELT Battery Expired

08/18/2021 21:24Z

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