Easter Sunrise Flights

Easter Morning 2007
Seven Powerful Words
04.08.2007   6:45am – Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA

How can you sum up the life of Christ in 7 words?



For the first time since the inception of Servant Air Ministries Inc. (SAMI), all three of SAMI’s aircraft unified to proclaim those seven powerful words on Easter morning. Flying over the shoreline as the sun rose in the distant horizon, churches, people and onlookers alike were greeted by the gentle roar of three aircraft, flying in formation, in unison, as one.

Looking skyward, people saw the real meaning of Easter. Those powerful seven words are stenciled onto the bottom of SAMI’s aircraft.

The trinity of aircraft which includes SAMI’s Cessna 172, Piper Saratoga and Piper Aztec, flew from Port Canaveral (just south of Cape Canaveral Florida) all the way down to the south side of Melbourne. Greeting people with a ‘wing wave’, they flew in formation until performing a hard break off maneuver over US 192. Proceeding northbound, the flight of three then retraced their steps and greeted everybody on the beach one last time before heading back to their home in Merritt Island, Florida. The flights were flawless and blessed both the people on the ground, as well as the pilots and passengers.

Dick Blondin flew the Cessna 172 (“Jesus Lives”), with Dick Todd piloting the Piper Saratoga (“Jesus Saves”). Ryan Roberts led the formation with the Piper Aztec (“Jesus is Risen”). Seven other passengers also received a first class view of the Easter morning sunrise as part of the formation.

Since the early 1990’s, Servant Air Ministries has taken to the skies in the early Easter morning to proclaim Christ to the beachside onlookers. Thousands of people gather together on Cocoa Beach and the Melbourne beaches to enjoy a ‘sunrise service’, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. SAMI wanted the add a special touch to glorify God, so flights were started to bless those people on the beach. This was the first year that SAMI had lettering on all three aircraft while being flown in formation.

Jesus walked the earth, then he died for our sins. Easter morning almost 2000 years ago he rose to life conquering not only the grave, but Satan and sin as well.

Nothing says that better than seven powerful words!

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