December 2016 SAMI Newsletter

SAMI 2016 Highlights

  • 2 planes to serve our mission
    Aztec and 172 Cessna
  • 271 mission flights
    Every mission flight begins with prayer before the engines are turned on. Our mission flights included: Angel Flights flying patients; Annual Prayer Flight over the local community; Pilots for Christ Pony Express Flights flying patients and their families; flights to the Bahamas helping missionaries and orphans; EAA Young Eagles flights for 82 children!
    P.S. Many parents who return to EAA Young Eagles events request the “Jesus” plane knowing SAMI begins the fun flight with prayer.
  • 10 active pilots
  • 7 instructors
  • 46 students
  • Wings of Grace Ministry – SAMI provides flight instruction and prayer for teens
  • 7 air shows
  • Average Meeting Attendance 34
  • VOAD Member – SAMI will help during emergencies including using the hanger to distribute supplies
  • Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce Member – raising awareness in the community by giving monthly presentations at the Merritt Island Mall
  • Thank you Sean, Steve, Kevin and Bud for maintaining our planes!

Thank you for Supporting SAMI’s Christmas Project

Scott Langston with Christmas Gifts for Bahamas Children’s Home

Thank you to our members, local churches and people in the Merritt Island community who donated 200 Christmas gifts for the orphans! December 22nd Scott Saunders and Scott Langston flew down to the Bahamas and delivered 200 presents to the Grand Bahama’s Children’s Home.

Ministry Opportunities:

Lawn Crew Needed: the grass around the SAMI hanger needs to be mowed once a week and every two weeks during the winter. If you can provide this service please email

Chapel Clean-Up Crew Needed: before the 2nd Saturday of every month our chapel and bathroom needs to be cleaned. If you are interested in joining the clean-up crew to provide this service please email

Sebring Air Show January 27-28: Air shows and special events are where people learn about our ministry and we find new members. If you are able to help at SAMI’s booth on these days please contact Kyle Dixon at or phone 321-289-2613.

Friendly Reminders:

Next SAMI meeting January 14th @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Please bring a dish to share at our BBQ following the meeting. Thank you!
SAMI Hanger, 471 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952 United States.


Share SAMI: members are encouraged to share our ministry with their local church family and pastors. If you would like a SAMI board member to share our ministry and see how we can help your church (remember SAMI can fly pastors to meetings!) please contact Dick Blondin at or phone 321-544-1317.

SAMI Information: Visit our website and Facebook page

SAMI Membership (New and Renewal):  is only $35 per year which includes membership to SAMI and Pilots for Christ! Members have access to all detailed information about upcoming missions and volunteer opportunities on the website calendar. SAMI exists to serve others so they can better know Jesus Christ, or discover Him for the first time. If you want to jump in and serve GOD, learn to fly, and be a part of the mission, you need to be a member of SAMI. Subscribe for a Membership and enjoy all of the benefits.

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