Aircraft Usage

Become a Part-Time Missionary Pilot

Servant Air uses its aircraft for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of GOD. As a member, you can rent our aircraft for flight instruction with your own flight instructor, or use the aircraft for your personal mission trips. Unless you are an aircraft sponsor, you cannot use the aircraft for personal flights.

Cessna 172

3 Types of Aircraft Usage as a Servant Air Member



Get your next license or rating. Become a proficient pilot for the Lord while using your own instructor.



Fly and actively participate in missions, personally living out the gospel by bringing hope to the lost.



Become an aircraft sponsor. Help ensure the aircraft are safe and operational, with the ability to use it for personal flights.

1. Advance

Use our aircraft to advance your licenses and ratings. Get your private or commercial license. Get an instrument rating. You can rent the aircraft we have available while providing your own flight instructor. If you are not a private pilot yet, you may be required to purchase additional insurance.

Aircraft pricing (not including your instructor costs):

Cessna 172 – $120/hr wet
Piper Archer – $130/hr wet

2. Missions Flights

Missions flights are at the core of Servant Air. Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world. Bibles, outreach, community improvement projects, food, medical aid, and disaster relief are just a few of the many available opportunities.

As a mission flight pilot and participant, you are responsible for your own flights and passengers (as an FAA Part 91 flight). While Servant Air can provide the aircraft, you must personally pay for fuel and oil. However, private pilots can cost-share the flight since it is considered personal. For example; If you go on a mission with 3 other passengers, each participant could pay 25% of the fuel, reducing your overall flight expenditure. You could also donate your time and the entire flight cost and get rewarded in heaven!

If you are not a pilot and are interested in organizing a mission flight, come to a meeting and see who GOD might provide as a mission pilot participant.

3. Aircraft Sponsor

Aircraft sponsors are a foundational part of Servant Air, keeping the aircraft running in peak condition. Most aircraft have 5-10 sponsors. Sponsorship pricing varies by aircraft and helps take care of maintenance, inspections, and upgrades. Starting at $5000 initiation + annual dues and assessments. If you are interested in becoming an aircraft sponsor, come to a Servant Air meeting. We would love to get to know you!

As an aircraft sponsor, you are welcome to fly the aircraft for personal flights.

For more information, come to a SAMI meeting, or contact us: