ANNUAL REPORT 12/31/2004

Servant Air Ministries in the year 2004 had probably the most diverse activity of all the preceding ten years.  This being the eleventh year of the organization’s existence, SAMI continues to provide quality flight training and missionary flight services.  The ministry consists of three prongs which are: 1. a chapel on the field at Merritt Island Airport, 2. missionary flight training, and 3. air transportation for missionary and mercy flights.

A slate of officers was presented by Mr. Fred Pino and voted by the Board re-electing Dr. Robert E. Lehton, as president, Mr. Steve Miller as Vice President, Mr. Ryan Roberts as Secretary, and Mr. Bill Oyler as Treasurer.  Likewise, the Board welcomes Tom Liston who was voted in as a general Board member of the organization.  Tom will be serving with Kyle Dixon coordinating Air Show Evangelism throughout Florida and the southeast part of the United States.  The motion carried for the election of all the officers and general membership.

The financial position of Servant Air Ministries remains stable, with a positive cash flow, and unlike 2003, had no large expenditures replacing engines in aircraft.  All three aircraft have been paid off and loans secured.  Our Cessna 172 is used exclusively for primary flight training and the Aztec and Saratoga for missions.

Flight training changed this year, the Board of Directors decided to use Florida Institute of Technology and Voyager Aviation on Merritt Island to conduct flight training.  Also, the Board recognizes Dick Todd and Bob Lehton, flight instruction, along with Roy Coy at Voyager Aviation and Jack Sabba at Florida Institute of Technology.

This year our Cessna 172 was utilized for additional mission and training flights and provided 77.5 hours of flight training, not including flight training conducted at Florida Institute of Technology and Voyager Aviation.  Our Saratoga PA-32-301T was utilized for missionary flights consisting of 104.7 hours, and our new Aztec became the work horse of the ministry being utilized for 214.4 hours over this calendar year.

Regarding mission trips, we had the privilege of partnering with a missionary flight school in Stewart to provide aircraft for missionary trips over this past summer, 2004. Servant Air flew  69 missionaries internationally, mainly to the Bahamas this year, and conducted flights for such organizations as Covenant Players, Overland Missions, Faith Temple, and Ft. Pierce Alliance Church.  These are the large mission trips that were primarily flown by Ryan Roberts and Steve Miller.  Flights mainly were conducted to Cat Cay, Marsh Harbor, and Grand Island through Walker’s Cay in the Bahamas.

A new member of the organization, Dick Todd, who is an AI and A&P mechanic and flight instructor assisted with maintenance and instruction. Dick has been a blessing doing much of our maintenance on all three aircraft which includes annual inspections and routine maintenance throughout the year.  Dick is a welcome addition to Servant Air Ministries because of his dedication to charity flights and helping those in need.

August and September were horrific months because of the number of hurricanes that hit the State of Florida.  Four hurricanes struck Florida this year which consisted of Frances, Charley, Jeanne, and Ivan.  Our Aztec received some damage during the first storm, Frances, by having the hanger doors collapse and damage the aircraft.  But thanks to the help of Scott Langston, we were able to repair the damage done to the fiberglass structure and actually improve the strength and quality of the nose of the Aztec.   In September, 2004, Dr. Lehton was scheduled as the main speaker at a Pilots for Christ convention in Shelby, N.C.  However, Servant Air Ministries had to cancel this meeting based on the hurricane damage and activity that followed the storm which left a gap at the convention for the participation of the Florida Chapter.  Servant Air Ministries continues to make joint “Pony Express” flights for Pilots for Christ internationally and has participated in a number of relief flights.

In October, 2004, Servant Air Ministries along with Torah study group sponsored the tour of 50 pilgrims from the United States to Israel.  This trip coincided with the Feast of Tabernacles of International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.  This was an eleven day trip of which we made a video on a DVD to help raise money for those ministering in the Muslim communities.  All 50 people had a wonderful time, not only visiting Biblical sites within the Holy Land, but also being participants in the Jerusalem March and the activities of the Feast of Tabernacles sponsored by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

In December, 2004, Servant Air Ministries collected over $3,000 and sent that to the National Headquarters of Pilots for Christ to be delivered to disaster sites in India and Sri Lanka.  The generosity of the Florida chapter reaching out to the chapter that is in India that was struck by the Tsunami was admirable.  All the chapters throughout Pilots for Christ throughout the United States gave heartily to help support the brothers and victims of this disaster.

In conclusion, it has been my privilege to again serve as president for Servant Air Ministries for the past eleven years, and once again, thank the Board of Directors and Volunteers for the efforts and service in Jesus’ name.  The summer of 2005 looks again fruitful for carrying a number of missionary flights back to the Bahamas, as well as Central America, and working with such groups as Covenant Players and Overland Missions.  Likewise, we would like to acknowledge again Bill Oyler and Ryan Roberts for putting together and maintaining the web site, and all the instructors and volunteers that make this organization possible.

We sincerely thank all the members, Board, pilots and supporters of Servant Air Ministries for a fine year in 2004 and expect the Lord to produce great fruit in this coming year.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert E. Lehton, CFII, MEI