JULY 18, 2000

PRESENT: Dr. Bob Lehton, Mr. Steve Miller, Mr. Nick Smith, Mr. Kyle Dixon, Mr. Paul Mitton, Mr. Skip Williams

MEMBERS ABSENT: Mr. Neal Spurlock, Mr. Roy Coy, Dr. Norm Brown

CALLED TO ORDER: Dr. Lehton called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM at the Cocoa Beach office of Servant Air Ministry.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Minutes were approved with a motion by Mr. Kyle Dixon, second by Mr. Paul Mitton and noted correction on page 2 by Mr. Skip Williams, 3 years instead of 3.


The Treasurer’s Report was read by Mr. Nick Smith, accepted by the Board, motion by Mr. Skip Williams, second by Mr. Steve Miller and majority voted.


The Nominating Committee recommends Mr. Fred Pino for general membership. Motion for membership is by Mr. Skip
Williams, second is by Mr. Kyle Dixon, majority voted for inclusion in the Board of Directors of Mr. Fred Pino. The Nominating Committee likewise recommended last years officers continue in this year’s slate, motion by Mr. Nick Smith, second by Mr. Steve Miller, majority vote. The Executive Committee did not meet this year.


Dr. Lehton reports that the loan of $56,000 has been paid down by another $8,000, leaving an outstanding loan on the PA-32 Saratoga of $48,000. It is also reported by the President that two fund-raising events were done this past year. One of them was with the First Baptist Church of Cocoa Beach with Serguei Popov and Helena Popov donating their services and $1250 was raised for Bibles to go to the Bahamas. Mr. Skip Williams also raised approximately the same amount of money to buy Bibles for the Bahamas this same year. A presentation was given to the Cocoa Beach Ministerial Association and the Ministerial Association donated $500 towards Bibles that also will be going to the Bahamas.

The 17 foot Aqua Sport, because of damage during Hurricane Irene, was donated to the Whole Loaf Ministry youth group in Cocoa, Florida.

Mr. Doug Shock sent a letter to the Board on 5/08/2000 requesting that Mr. Marc Ivanchek take over sponsorships in his place of the Cessna 172 and the sponsors of the 172 agreed to that happening. Likewise, Mr. Shock resigned from the Board of Directors on that date and his resignation was accepted.

A review of the aircraft flight hours were increased for 1999: reveals that the Cessna 150 was flown for 154 hours, the Saratoga Pa-32 was flown for 120.3 hrs., the Cessna 172 was flown for 121.6 hrs. Dr. Bob Lehton did 120 hrs. flight instruction and 67 hrs. ground instruction. The total flight hours flown was 395.9.

Servant Air Ministry has been actively involved with Dove Ministries, Bill Glass Ministry and Murph the Surf Ministries providing almost a monthly coordinating outreach to the prisons of the State of Florida as well as Georgia Mr. Steve Miller and Dr. Bob Lehton have done the majority of the flights. Likewise, WEGO, Mr. Marc Ivanchek, will be used this coming year more exclusively doing missionary flying.

We have been contacted by American Airlines with their Advantage Mile Program to use miles as incentives for people to donate to the organization and that will be reviewed further. Likewise, we have been contacted by Capital Cargo about using space on their aircraft to provide missionary supplies going to Central America. That will be discussed further as those meetings take place.

Mr. Paul Mitton has put together a business card, very attractive, for each member of the organization to be used in business transactions. Likewise, Paul Mitton has donated a Servant Air website on the web and is attempting to put on the 6 minute video of Servant Air Ministry and have it live on the web. Likewise, Pilots for Christ, with Servant Air being the Florida Chapter, has put us on their website and World Evangelism Gospel Outreach, with Mr. Marc Ivanchek has us on their website.

The Board has decided to meet quarterly at 8 AM in the morning before the second Saturday Chapel meeting at 9 AM at Merritt Island Air Service. This would mean the Board would meet four times per year at 8 AM on the second Saturday. The Board also recommends that a Board Member attend all meetings if possible, and if unable to attend the meetings, would notify the President or another Officer of the Board or other Director that they are unable to attend and generally, why. Mr. Skip Williams motioned and Mr. Steve Miller seconded, that if a Board Member misses two consecutive SAMI meetings without notification, then they are subject to being dismissed as a Director of the Board of Servant Air Ministries. Mr. Nick Smith made the motion for two consecutive missed meetings, Mr. Steve Miller seconded, the majority carried the motion.

ADJOURNMENT: The motion was made by Mr. Kyle Dixon, seconded by Mr.Paul Mitton to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 PM. The motion passed.