JUNE 24, 1999

PRESENT: Dr. Bob Lehton, Mr. Nick Smith, Mr. Doug Shock, Mr. Roy Coy, Mr. Steve Miller, Mr. Neal Spurlock, Dr. Norm Brown.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Mr. Kyle Dixon, and Mr. Paul Mitton.

CALLED TO ORDER: Dr. Lehton called the meeting to order at 6:20 PM at the Cocoa Beach office of Servant Air Ministry.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Mr. Kyle Dixon was unable to attend the meeting, and the minutes were read by the board. There was a motion by Roy Coy and a second to receive the minutes as read. The motion passed.


Mr. Nick Smith presented the treasury report from 1/1/98 through 12/31/98. The treasury report was reviewed by Mr. Smith and prepared based on assessment of the checking account bills, and the financial statements of the organization. Mr. Smith stated that the financial records were within order, and recommended a motion to pass the financial report. Mr. Coy motioned for the financial report to be accepted and was seconded by Mr. Miller, and with unanimous approval by the Board.


Dr. Lehton presented a president’s report which included current maintenance status, equipment status, and financial status of Cessna 150, Cessna 172, and the PA-32. Dr Lehton indicated the Cessna 150 for this current calendar year 1998 was flown for 75.9 missionary flight hours. The Cessna 172 was flown 172.6 hours, and the PA-32 was flown 73.7 hours for 1998 calendar year. Total flight time for all three aircraft was 322.2 hours of missionary activity. The two flight instructors for Servant Air Ministries Dr. Bob Lehton and Mr. Roy Coy flew 213.4 flight instruction hours, along with 176 ground instruction hours. Dr. Lehton and Mr. Roy Coy provided flight instruction as well as missionary flights, and themselves flew in excess of 210 hours.

Dr. Lehton discussed group insurance coverage for the Cessna 150, 172 and PA 32. The insurance policy now requires for flight with the Cessna 172, 500 hours or to be separately listed on the insurance to PlC on said aircraft. The Cessna 150 requires a student pilot certificate or higher and to he checked out by CFI to be able to fly the aircraft. The PA32 requires 700 hours to meet insurance requirements and an instrument rating. The 750 hours to fly this aircraft was reduced to 700 hours, but a person needs 25 hours, in type and model of aircraft in order to meet insurance requirements.

The Newsletter as published by Mrs. Mary Mennicke has been helpful to the organization. We have received over 4 E-mails a week of people interested in Servant Air Ministry.

Dr Lehton also documented 23 speaking engagements which were given, and which received donations of $2000.00 from such activities. Mr. Paul Mitton was commended on his excellent production of a 6-minute film concerning the history and current activities of Servant Air Ministry, which was done professionally and is to be congratulated for his efforts. Dr. Lehton indicated that possibly Email could be used to contact members to attend monthly chapel meetings, as well as actually receive the letter on the Email which would save postage and mailing. Dr. Lehton also encouraged all Board members to participate in monthly Chapel meetings, which would be supportive of the organization to bring in new members as well as to minister to people more effectively when they are at the meetings. He also praised those who had prepared numerous Bible studies for Chapel meetings indicating the time spent was well worth the effort in ministry activities during Chapel on second Saturdays.

Dr Lehton stated the loan of $66,784.88 was paid off and this brought up how to pay back the donor of the payoff under new business. Likewise, Dr. Lehton reported that we have joined Seminary Covenant Community as a member to provide networking with 19 other ministries, and additional tax exempt status, beyond that of a Church status.


Mr. Spurlock and Mr. Miller’s committee met and recom mend that all current Board members be reelected to the Board. Likewise, they recommended a slate of officers for the 1999-2000 year consisting of Dr. Robert Lehton, President, Mr. Kyle Dixon, Secretary, Mr. Nick Smith, Treasurer. Likewise, their was a discussion of a new Board member Mr. Skip Williams being accepted to the Board of Directors, and discussion ensued. A motion was made by Mr. Coy to accept the present Board slated officers and the election of Mr. Skip Williams as a new Board member, seconded by Mr. Steve Miller and the Board voted unanimously to accept the nominating committee recommendations.


Dr. Lehton discussed Servant Air Ministry acquisition of a 17’ Aqua Sport boat approximately three ago, and recommended to the Board that the boat be sold to help pay for a top overhaul to the Cessna 172 engine when this becomes recommended.

A motion by Mr. Smith and seconded by Mr. Spurlock to sell the boat for approximately $2000.00 was recommended and passed by the Board. Mr. Spurlock, Mr. Smith, Dr. Lehton and Mr. Miller will procure the boat for being sold.

The discussion concerning the Cessna 150 regarding having it tied down on the ramp verses paying expense of keeping it within a hanger, and no motion was presented to the floor to place the Cessna 150 on the ramp. Mr. Shock did discuss that he would have so many spaces allocated to him for a lifetime through his contract with Merritt Island Aircraft Sales, and possibly the Cessna 150 and the Cessna 172 could be tied on the ramp together. No further action was taken.


The Board discussed Servant Air Ministry participation with Pilot’s Of Christ of America as a joint venture, and after much discussion no motion was brought forth to incorporate Servant Air Ministry with Pilot’s Of Christ at this point in time. Dr.
Lehton further announced that the Cocoa Beach Ministerial Association had given a gift of $300.00 to Servant Air Ministry and had encouraged other members to join the Ministerial Associations to help support Servant Air Ministry by those Ministerial Associations.

At present 5 of the members of the Board do have ordination to form ministerial activities within Servant Air Ministries. Those include Mr. Nick Smith, Mr. Roy Coy, Mr. Neal Spurlock, Dr. Norman Brown, and Dr. Robert Lehton. Finally, Mr. Roy Coy indicated that he received a letter of appreciation from World Evangelistic Gospel Outreach, for the donation of the tools, band saw, and drill press accessories, which will be used in Central America Missions.

Dr. Lehton discussed he had paid off the loan on the PA-32 in the amount of $56,000.00, and needed Board direction of how to deal with paying him back this amount. After much discussion the Board decided with Dr. Lehton’s agreement, that Mr. Spurlock would draft a loan agreement of $56,000.00 from SAMI to Dr. Lehton. The loan would be paid back without interest, and as funds are donated, or Dr. Lehton would receive a tax exemption for said amount over a period of 10 years. It was motioned to accept this loan agreement by Mr. Spurlock, and seconded by Mr. Smith. The vote was passed.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:40 PM on a motion from Mr. Neal Spurlock and a second from Mr. Nick Smith, and the motion passed. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kyle Dixon