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KLD Youth Ministries Merritt Island, Florida, USA

UPDATE: [01.10.2008]

KLD led 14 trips for youth in 2007, and are looking forward to what God has in store in 2008. Outreach events for kids are bearing fruit with both the youth missionaries and the local island kids. “Happiness comes from the heart because of Christ” said Chris Tompkins. Taking youth out of their local noisy worldly environment and into the Bahamas, God is not drown out. They can hear HIS voice and his calling on their life. Chris Robertson, one of the youth that went in the summer of 2007 call Chris last week. He wanted to be a part of missions for a couple of month in the summer of 2008. “This is what it’s all about!” exclaimed Chris Tompkins. Skip Miller, president of Christian Surfer’s Bahamas is breaking ground within the next month for a mission house. The new house is being built specifically for groups coming in to do ministry on the island and as a ministry retreat. KLD Youth Ministry is planning a VBS camp for the kids in the spring of 2008, and a concert is planned for February. God is moving in Eleuthera.

UPDATE: [09.19.2007]

KLD has now painted over 20 houses on Eleuthera Island as a ministry to the local people. Skip Miller, the president of the Christian Surfer’s Bahamas [ http://www.ChristianSurfersBahamas.com ]ministry on the island, has also helped in this practical hands on evangelism. Skip Miller has opened up his home to groups that come to Eleuthera. He also helps to provide transportation on the island. KLD continues to go to Eleuthera Island on a consistent basis, serving people and sharing the gospel with those in need.

History: [03.31.2007] Servant Air Ministries had the pleasure of participating with KLD Youth Ministries on a mission trip to North Eleuthera Island, Bahamas. KLD’s mission is for kids in Florida, the USA, and spreads to kids in other nations. Chris Tompkins and his wife Evi led the youth during their three day blitz, with more missions planned for the future. Skip Miller, president of Eleuthera Christian Surfer’s ministry mentioned to Chris about a year ago “I want to paint a town.” Chris said “When do we start?” There were ten youth who shared the same excitement, and were determined to make a difference in the lives of those on the island. Over the past month, 3 teams have landed in Gregory Town, North Eleuthera. Paint is scarce, so most of the homes look shabby and run down from the outside. The Bahamian government charges a 65% tax on paint, and as a result, many of the locals cannot afford to buy it. Christian surfers of the Bahamas also pitched in to plaster the donated paint onto much needed homes. Steve Miller piloted the Servant Air Ministries (SAMI) Piper Aztec during the weekend mission. “The flights were flawless,” Steve recalled after his return. They flew down on a Friday, returning on Monday. Even though the trip was quick, the lives of those Bahamians as well as the youth will never be the same. A Young lady that came on the trip experienced the most transforming decision of her life. On March 31st, she accepted Christ into her life. For Chris Tompkins, he cherished being a part of her decision for Christ. The dream to transform the Bahamas, one house and one decision for Christ at a time is just getting started. Chris Tompkins and Skip Miller are partnering with people that have large boats. This allows for them to bring over more paint, leaving the available weight to carry people in SAMI’s aircraft, rather than supplies. They have already arranged use of a 43 foot Bennetow purchased by a partner to bring over new supplies. All of this is happening with supernatural timing as Methodist Habitat on the south part of the island just received their government tax exemption to bring the paint into North Eleuthera Island. KLD ministries tried to take trip using boats over this past November, but with waves 10 feet high and blowing winds, they weren’t able to complete their mission. Chris found out about SAMI and requested help to bring people over starting in March of 2007. KLD’s president Skip Miller is also thinking of setting up a permanent house for outreach on the island of Eleuthera. KLD and SAMI are excited to see how God’s plan will unravel in this awesome work HE is doing. “We’re just a couple of knuckleheads painting some houses.” Chris Tompkins humbly mentioned. That may be… but that is exactly the reason why God is using KLD to impact people for Christ. They are available and are looking for practical ways to serve people through love… and paint. If you are interested in joining KLD Youth Ministries and SAMI for their next mission, contact Chris Tompkins through their website:


“This is God’s ministry for all of God’s children”. – Chris Tompkins.

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