Cat Island Mission Trip – 2004

For the second year in a row, Servant Air Ministries Inc. (SAMI) has partnered with the Christian Missionary Alliance Church of Fort Pierce, Florida, to touch lives and souls in Cat Island, Bahamas. This mission continued the work done the previous summer of 2003, allowing many more missionaries the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ.

God provided many miracles to allow this trip to become a reality. Over $15,000 worth of construction supplies were donated by various contracting companies from Miami to West Palm Beach. Windows, doors, stucco cement and paint were just some of the much-needed supplies that God provided all in the perfect quantities. A half semi-trailer shipping container was used to get the thousands of pounds of supplies over to the island.

Also, with just a week to go before the mission was to depart on July 23rd, transportation logistics allowed God to partner SAMI with King’s Wings based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Together with SAMI’s Piper Aztec as well as the Cessna 401 and Rockwell Commander operated by King’s Wings, the Lord was able to transport a team of 40 missionaries from a church of just over 60 people to Cat Island. By July 25th, everybody was present and accounted for, excited to see what God was going to do in the coming days.

Cat Island consists of 5000 native people on an island that is 40 miles long and typically 5 miles wide. This mission focused on the north half of the island. Pastor Newbold and Pastor Strong from the Church of God were the main contacts for the team. They work tirelessly building and repairing churches, and sharing the love of Christ with their neighbors. They have also become close friends over the past year to all who participate in God’s work on the island.

The 40 Christian Missionary Alliance servants came alongside the Church of God to provide a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for children on the island from ages 3 to 15, rebuild churches and encourage other believers on the island.

Katie Kuhn was the VBS coordinator. She planned for months and saw what God could do with a willing heart. With a total of 65 children attending, and many of those accepting Christ for the first time, it was exciting to see the spirit of God move in power.

There was also a 3-on-3-basketball tournament outreach before the final day of VBS. Mark Oostdyk was the coordinator for this event, which saw a total of 12 teams participating for ages 7 to 18. Paul Kuhn shared a short personal testimony just before the 3-point competition. God decided to harvest the crop that was ripe, as another 5 people indicated they wanted to live with Christ in their life. The missionary team consisting of Bruno Parola, Joey Gooch and Ryan Roberts ended up winning the tournament demonstrating Christ’s conquering power and might.

While VBS was going on, general contractor Paul Kuhn and Chris Aumack managed the churches ensuring they were getting the required doors, windows, paint and stucco that were much needed. There were a total of 5 churches that were repaired and enhanced during the 5-day construction blitz. Local brothers and sisters in Christ brought tasty Bahamas bread as a sign of appreciation for the team.

With the week drawing to a close, volunteer pilots Ryan Roberts from Servant Air Ministries as well as Bruce Case from King’s Wings transported the missionary pilots back to the United States. There were many memories of the incredible accomplishments God had achieved through a group that was dedicated to His calling. And everybody who was a part of this mission will be forever changed because of God’s Holy Spirit teaching them that the more you give, the more you receive as long as the giving is done with a pure heart of joy and service to the Lord.

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