172 REMOD Update and Take Action for our LORD!

Great September Meeting! Thank you to everyone who attended – WOW 37 people!

We greatly appreciate and humbly thank all who continue to pray for our ministry to

  • Train Missionary Pilots,
  • Share the Gospel at Air Shows,
  • give Mercy Flights and
  • Support Pastors.

172 Remod for Increased Safety and Shorter Take-Offs and Landings

New Wingtips for 172!

Check out those new 172 lights!

Pray for Smooth Completion of Wiring – for new wingtips and lighting

Thank you Pastor Barnabas for your great message to TAKE ACTION!

No worries if you missed his message, we took video which will be edited and uploaded in the near future.

Until then please note, our number one priority is to share Jesus Christ with everyone we know starting with our family. We can’t share someone we don’t know or don’t have a continuous vibrant relationship therefore we study the Bible to know Jesus, pray / listen and continue to worship HIM with fellow believers.

Matthew Chapter 9 – pray the LORD will send out laborers out into his great harvest. Please pray for harvesters to help Barnabas and Sheela in the home district of India. Learn more about their current needs and share with others by clicking link below. Thank you.

Build Vision 2020-SAMI Meeting 9-2018 Pr Barnabas Request for Help




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